VIP Club


Brand new MJs every month

No contract, no commitment

Club exclusive MJs

Additional discounts all year

Annual: £99 (39% saving)

Monthly: £9.99 (27% saving)

MJ’s VIP Club FAQs:

When are VIP MJs sent out each month?

Club MJs are are dispatched in one ‘drop’, at the end of each month. This means that, particularly on VIP-exclusive months, the surprise of a brand new style isn’t spoiled through social media before you open yours!

Can I choose what styles I receive?

Yes. The default is that you don’t need to tell us anything, and we’ll do all of the work picking your VIP MJs every month.  However, if you have any requests – either for specific styles, or more general preferences (e.g. no stripes!) – please just drop us an email:

What date will my payments come out?

We use PayPal to handle the recurring payments, and so this will be based on the day you join.  E.g. join on the 15th of Jan, and your payments will always come out on the 15th of every month.

What happens if I move address?

Just drop us an email to let us know:

Any other questions not answered here?

Please let us know: