British Socks Production Process   Design

The production begins with sketches of shape and style, first with pencils and paper, then on a computer to finalise ideas. Once we’re happy with that, colour combinations are explored. You will notice them change with the seasons, but some of our classics are always here.  When we’re happy with a design, the physical production stages begin…


Our socks are made from Cotton (90%) and man-made fibres (10%), dyed and spun in England (just outside Manchester) using traditional methods. We have found this blend offers the optimum comfort, structure and durability.  We use over 100 different hues to match the colour to the design and make up new dyes when the need arises. The cotton is spun into reels to be transported to the manufacturing room.


Not quite like your nan does it, but each sock is then knitted, line by line, into a cylinder shape from toe to heel. At each change of cotton colour, the weaving is stopped and tied off before the new colour is tied in. This takes longer than other socks, but it makes the structure of each sock stronger. The socks are shaped to ergonomically fit your feet, to fit snugly into the bridge with a slight bulb shape for the heel, making our socks wonderfully comfortable.


At Marko John’s, we are very proud of the fact that every one of our socks is hand-linked. This means that the cylinders referred to above are transformed in to socks by hand. Each cotton fibre is linked between the opposite strands. This is a time-consuming process but it results in a seamless toe which is not only superior in comfort but also in strength. We also think it’s good that a craftsman has been involved in making your socks, as they are the experts. Plus they also have their own feet, unlike the machines, so they have a better idea of what makes the best socks.


After the socks have been knitted and linked, they move onto finishing. Again, this is not a process most socks ever have the pleasure of and is something we do in our efforts to make you the best possible socks. The cotton strands are trimmed (leaving a little on the insides of the socks to make them stronger), the seamlessness of each toe is checked and every sock is inspected to ensure only the finest socks make it into our packaging.


After checking the quality of every sock, they are paired and ready for packaging. We use a simply printed recycled cardboard label to present every pair of socks. Just like the rest of our operation, every bit of the printing/packaging process happens in England (we don’t want to fly stuff around the world, except for delivering MJs overseas).  Every single pair is then placed into a bag or envelope, by hand, and delivered to your door.

Unpack /  Enjoy

We sincerely hope you don’t need us to tell you how to do this bit, but please feel free to call or write with any questions..! If it’s hard to dial our number, you’re probably wearing them on your hands. Remember, Marko John’s just make superior socks. For feet.