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Macko Johns – Marko Johns for Mack


Mack is a beautiful Rottweiler that belongs to some dear friends of ours. He is a cuddly pup, for a very large, muscular, initially-slightly-intimidating large black dog. He is superb company and, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard him bark. He is of extremely good stock; his mother is a show dog and his pedigree is excellent. He would be a show dog in another life but was brought up to shun the spotlight as many aristodawgs do. He is a feature in society and enjoys attending dinner parties, exploring the countryside and writing his erudite column in two of the nation’s broadsheets. He gave up his pipe some years back and instead his one vice is a good chew on a recently laundered MJ. And, as it’s Christmas, we didn’t stop him.