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Home from Glasto

The line up this year was immense. From the incredibly still Rolling Stones to Chase and Status and Mumford and Sons, it was a showcase of some of the world’s finest talent. Not muddy this year but still plenty of Hunters wellies worn as they have rightly earned their place in the Festival Chic Hall of Fame by now. Plenty of stylish madras and linen, all variations of denim, classic and hardwearing, neon aplenty, leather shorts for the brave (and clammy, presumably), sunburn common and fond memories – hopefully – for all. There is no doubt, however, that whatever the personal highlight, the joy of the first shower, the first sleep in fresh linen sheets, the first morning not heralded by the furnace-like heat of one’s tent, are all contenders. The quiet, the tea, the shower, the first pair of fresh MJs.. These are Monday’s headliners; we hope you enjoy the show..