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Best Sock Drawer Dividers and Organisers

Sock drawer filling up with MJs?!  Our VIPs receive brand new MJs every month; an absolute treat for your feet, and all for just £9.99 / month (more info here).   After a few months the colour will be bursting out of your sock drawers from these fine, hand-linked British socks.  How is it best to […]

Fresher’s Club Shoreditch Heritage Polo

Fresher’s Club is a new British menswear brand. The Shoreditch Heritcage Polo is the staple of their range: bold block contrasts and strong lines. It’s a classic preppy style with some good attention to detail; buttons nicely concealed, scooped back for a useful little extra length.  We also appreciated the comfort that comes from the […]

Made to Make

Here at Marko John’s we (as you’re probably aware by now!) take socks seriously. We are proud of what we do and for me personally there is a particular joy in the fact that our socks are made by hand by actual, real-live people. Today, most of the things we use in our daily lives […]

Picnic Chic

February hardly seems the time to talk about picnics. These short, dark days and rain-filled streets make being outside less than jolly. It seems forever since the last summer and daydreams about the beach begin to feel wholly fantastical, as though such days were only ever myth. And that’s exactly why I love seeing the […]

Priorities: Quote of the day

Brilliant.   -Husband: “My new shirt & trousers will go well with my Marko John’s”. -Wife: “Don’t you mean your Marko John’s will go well with your new shirt and trousers?” -Husband: “No”.     Thanks to Fitz for sharing with us!  If you’re looking for a photographer who wears Marko John’s (who isn’t), he’s […]