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About Marko John’s UK Socks


Marko John’s socks are made by a family-owned firm that has been making superior socks in England since 1895. We maintain the Victorian ’boutique’ sensibility today by focusing on quality above all else. We celebrate heritage, tradition and quality over disposable, short-term consumerism.


We rely on time-tested methods to create our socks but the designs and colourways are always contemporary, combining the wealth of heritage and experience with a quintessentially English sartorial flourish. We make socks the way we do simply because we believe it’s the way to make the best socks.

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Most socks are not made in the UK; the majority are made in factories in Asia before being flown half way around the world to be sold. Companies do this simply because, irrespective of the consequences, it’s cheaper to make socks that way. The result is cheap, poor quality, disposable socks. And a carbon footprint far bigger than you would expect from any sock..!

 At Marko John’s, on the other hand, our number one objective is to make socks of the highest possible quality.

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Britain has a rich heritage of clothing and textile manufacture; the wool trade was well established even before the Romans invaded in 55BC. Cotton was traded in Britain from the beginning of the 1700s. The skills of the British craftsmen have established these isles as the home of world-leading quality, from the Harris Tweed looms off the Scottish coast, to Savile Row in the heart of London, via the fine cobblers of Northampton and the cotton mills of Liverpool, Britain is awash with the world’s finest fabric, manufacturers, tailors and outfitters.

 Following in the footsteps of this insuperable heritage, every single Marko John’s sock is entirely made in England, from the design to the manufacture and hand-linking, even down to the printing and packaging. Our cotton is still spun and dyed by traditional methods, in England, just as it always has been. Our socks are linked by hand, in England, just as they always have been.

 These are superior British socks. This is what we do.